Leaf Trip Planner App

Range extending driving routes that take you up to 85% further than Google Maps and Waze!



    You'll be able to drive your Nissan Leaf 50-100% further than the battery draining Google Maps and Waze recommended routes.


    Ever jump on the highway and see your remaining range drop like a rock on your dashboard? Leaf Trip Planner tell you how much battery % to expect your drive to consume to avoid those surprises!


    You'll stop worrying if you have enough charge for your drive. Leaf Trip Planner will tell you how much battery % you'll need for your journey - even if it includes many stops!


    Stopping to charge your Nissan Leaf is time consuming and frustrating when chargers aren't available. Use our range extending routes to eliminate the need to find charging stops!


    Over time, batteries lose the amount of energy they can hold. Our range extending routes will let you drive your Nissan Leaf longer without having to replace the battery.


    You'll save $10,000 - $15,000 on a solar polar install by driving our range extending routes to reduce your energy needs.



For our 10th wedding anniversary, my wife and I had planned a romantic getaway to Ohio’s Amish country. This was a much anticipated getaway as it would be the first time the two of us would be getting away without the kiddos since our 1st wedding anniversary!

Being a proud new owner of a 2013 Nissan Leaf S, I was excited to plan our route down to the Inn at Honey Run with a brief stop at Amish Country Riding Stables for a scenic couple’s ride through rural Ohio. The drive would be about 75 miles one way, so I knew we’d be stretching the range of the Leaf and would need to avoid highways and take the slower paced and more scenic route to Amish country.

Using Google Maps to find routes that avoid highways, I found a route with a distance of 75 miles. Using the Leaf Range Chart, I could see that if we traveled at 45 MPH, our Leaf should have a range of 103 miles. Knowing this, I felt comfortable making the trip without stopping to charge.

Nissan Leaf dashboard showing 107 miles of range

We left our home to begin our 75 mile journey with 100% battery charge and 107 miles of range showing on the Leaf’s dashboard. Plenty of range and buffer to make our one way trip to the Inn and horse stables!

The drive was going well until the route we were following took us on a state route with a 65 MPH speed limit, much faster than my 45 MPH speed assumption. I immediately knew we would need to watch our speed and keep our eyes glued to the Leaf’s range estimator and the remaining mileage for the trip. After driving on this state route for a few miles, the Leaf’s range estimator adjusted and showed that we were in danger of not having enough battery charge to make it to the horse stable and then on to the inn we would be staying at.

At that point, I thought we should call the riding stable to see if they had an outlet we could plug the Leaf’s trickle charger into. If we trickle charged while we were out horseback riding, that would give us enough of a charge to make it to the inn. Unfortunately, after calling the stable, we were told that there was no outlet available for us to trickle charge from. Horseback riding would have to wait for another time. We cancelled our ride and continued on to the inn.

With a few miles of range remaining showing on the dashboard, we made it to our destination for the weekend, the Inn at Honey Run. The inn didn’t have a level 2 charger, but they did have outlets in the parking lot that were originally intended for engine block heaters. We promptly plugged in the trickle charger and made our way to our room for the weekend.

After this experience, I knew this was a problem that I wanted to solve with an app. It wasn’t long before I was drafting design ideas for how to calculate the energy requirements for different routes I’d want to drive with the Leaf. This app is a result of that first experience of seeing how difficult it can be to predict how much battery charge your drive will need and the desire to simplify the process.


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